Janina Aritao

Thinking fondly of my former home on her 56th birthday

Photo by Kirill Petropavlov on Unsplash
  1. Hearing someone say “aiyoh!”
  2. The fast-moving escalators
  3. Scenic MRT…

Wait—why do we even need to ask?

Every typeface here is represented by the first letter of its name. Can you guess a few?

Productivity starts with values, not techniques

“You know, the hardest thing about training young people is teaching them to be professional,” said my boss, flustered and frustrated…

Wrestling with the lowercase y and its devilish tail

Piecing together some clues on how to master this difficult craft

The art and science of making something memorable

Things are pretty serious these days. All the more reason to embrace play.

Janina Aritao

Writing about design, while sipping coffee.

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